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BCH Health is a distributor for the following brands in Singapore:

Featured Product: Futuro


Braces and Supports for Your Active Life

Knee supports and knee braces offer protection for ligament, cartilage and joint damage.

Elbow supports provide relief for tennis elbow, golf elbow and other repetitive injuries.

Ankle and Foot
Support and relief for ankle injuries as well as plantar fasciitis.

Hand and Wrist
Support for osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive injuries.

Neck and Back
Neck collars and back supports offer relief for neck injury and back pain.

Arm and Abdomen
Arm slings and post-surgery supports.

Compression Stockings
Stockings energize legs, help prevent varicose veins and improves blood circulation.

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Joint Pain

Joint pain explained, and how FUTURO products can help.

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Achy or Swelling Legs

What compression products can do for leg circulation and other leg conditions.

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Tuli’s by Medi-Dyne

Elastoplast Sport

Leuko Sports